Volunteering at Goonj is an organic journey that begins with an exploration at the processing center, with hands-on involvement in processing, sorting, and upcycling activities.

At Goonj we call Volunteering – ‘extending my circle of Goonj Do Gooders.’

Here are five simple options for you to take the plunge –

Start with a collection camp

typically a place around your locality

Extend your social and physical circle –

  • Motivate three or more  people in your social circle to live and give sustainably by contributing or volunteering
  • Reach out to institutions that have a collective of people like corporations, schools, colleges, etc and inspire them to join the Goonj community of do-gooders.

Sign up for a rural impact immersion visit at

Join strategic thinking and back end work with the Goonj team

and be part of Goonj’s extended and committed team of Lead Volunteers at

Supporting with funds:

becoming a vital part of volunteering by making monetary contributions for essential logistics requirements, transportation, and other crucial needs.

Commit long term to the cause

as a full time team, sometimes paid, sometimes pro bono, contributing skills, time, networks, experience, and much more. You would be joining this gang of mission driven doers.

In our founder’s words ‘Lagey Raho’

Volunteering opportunities are available in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Kochi, Dehradun, and Rishikesh throughout the year.

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