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For bulk order or for any other query please write to  us at [email protected]  Do specify the product code and the desired quantity.

* Please note:
1) Minor design modifimailto:[email protected] on any products can be done only on bulk orders.
2) Color and fabric used in the products is based on availability.
3) We take the utmost care in choosing the fabric and other material used in our products but because this is generated from collected material we do not take any responsibility for color bleeding, shrinking of material etc.
4) Do visit our processing centre to check out more designs and also to have glimpses of our work.



The women at Goonj show us the best of who we can be. And that’s why this story is closer home than you imagine…This may sound odd to you at first since most of the women at our processing centers are unlettered, hailing from far flung villages of India. But don’t let that fool you. These women have in them the best of aesthetics, design sense and finesse apart from immense self confidence, courage and a sense of purpose they bring to work every day. When the world is celebrating the story of Goonj, here’s a story about our core. It’s a story worth telling.


While walking around in Wayanad district of Kerala, our team came across this lady elegantly carrying a Goonj Ka Jhola! When we curiously asked where did she get it from. She proudly shared that after the Kerala floods she had participated in a road sanitation work in her village and the Jhola was part of the Goonj Family Kit which she had received as a reward for her efforts.

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