Anshu Gupta

Anshu studied Mass communication and did his masters in Economics. Starting as a freelance journalist, he left a corporate job in 1998 and founded GOONJ. His mission was to make clothing a matter of concern and to bring it among the list of development issues,to address the most basic but ignored need of clothing and the multifaceted role it plays in the lives of people, especially in rural India.

Anshu sees his work as a way to address a core challenge of our times; the growing gap and inequality between the urban prosperity & rural poverty.Taking the menacing growth of urban waste Anshu used it effectively and efficiently as a tool to trigger large scale development work on diverse issues in some of the most backward areas and remote communities of India. In the process he has created a model of a parallel economy which is not cash based but trash based. With Goonj, Anshu has brought attention to a nonmarket, nonmonetary approach — one grounded in empathy and dignity. He has turned the mostly passive urban and rural masses into prime stakeholders and actors addressing their own needs by solving their own problems. He has done this by weaving together a beautiful pipeline system from the cities to the villages for channelizing resources to create empowerment and development in rural India. Anshu considers one of Goonj’s central work to be changing mindsets about the immense humanitarian potential of people facing poverty by reusing urban surplus and demonstrating a model that delivers as promised.

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Some experiences from the field

Sochta Hoo..

” It all started as small social media posts with some old clicks of my travels, some questions and sometime a lot of anger too.

In my travels across the country.. on one hand I noticed sky high buildings, statues, fancy airports, while on the other side, talking to people I saw some of the worst disasters of our times. Going deeper into the country I could see immense suffering, neglect and still the best of courage and human spirit.

This collection of my thoughts and musings emerged over the last 2 decades of my own life journey and the beautiful journey called Goonj..”

– Anshu Gupta

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2015 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee ANSHU GUPTA accepts Asia’s Premier Prize and Highest Honor

 Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Award

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Award

 Ashoka Fellowship 2004

Ashoka Fellowship 2004

 Magsaysay Award - Highlights, Citations & Response

Magsaysay Award - Highlights, Citations & Response

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