Say #IamAMigrantToo

Say #IamAMigrantToo

Say #IamAMigrantToo

So..as many here know one thing which has been troubling me and a whole lot of us a lot, is the entire language and thought process, the new words. Social distancing instead of physical distancing to the entire meaning of Migrant Worker. And my #Covidi in making is just on this pain !!

We have all seen millions of people, labelled migrant workers, struggling on the roads, trying to get back home.. Haven’t we all, at some point, migrated from our homes to new places, in search of work and a better life? Call out this otherness, separating their suffering and indignity, from us, to change the way the world looks at them.

Don’t know how most forgot that migrant worker is not just someone who was trying to go home.. but almost every big political figure, bureaucrats, doctors, top business guys, a large part of the banking and software industry to almost all the bollywood is actually Migrant worker.

Starting this campaign- #IamAmigrantworkertoo to make sure that we understand.. no sympathy..no empathy.. just a simple..plain realization about ourselves !!

here is how you can reach out to more people- by saying

I am a Migrant Worker too.
I have migrated from Dehradoon to Delhi.
But I am not on the road because:

I am privileged to get the best possible subsidised school and college. And a farmer has been taking care of my stomach and another migrant made a house for me !! and much much more ..

Search the FB frame ‘I am A Migrant Too’ by Goonj and use it!
link: https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes

thank you..- Anshu Gupta, Goonj..

Say #IamAMigrantToo

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