Menstruation Dialogue; Missing Voices, Missed out Issues

Why Its Not Just a Piece of Cloth..

Even today if you ask most women in a village, ‘How many saris do  you  have?’  many  will  tell  you,  ‘not  more  than  2-3’. Is  it  difficult  then to  imagine  how these  women manage their  menses every month, for years? This is the story of cloth; why it’s important for menstruation and how women suffer even for this basic. Read More.

The Journey from Cloth to ‘MY Pad’..

We  know  that  cloth  is  a  basic need of a  woman as  is  her self-respect  and  dignity . The symbiotic  relationship  between  these  two  defines  Goonj’s  ‘Not  Just  a  Piece  of  Cloth’ (NJPC)  initiative. We  started  with the  simple-  of making cotton  cloth available to women. Read More.

Menstruation – The invisible and the unheard..

This deeply taboo issue has many impacts, which still aren’t a part of the bigger discourse.  This story  touches  upon  some  indirect  and  invisible dimensions  of  menstruation. Read More.

The Story of Cloth and the Impact on the Environment..

The  environmental  disaster  around menstruation  right  in  our  midst,  in  the  cities.  Allowing  this  same scenario  to  repeat  itself  in  the  villages,  will be  something  all  of  us working  on  this  issue,  will  have  to  be  accountable  for  in  times  to come. Read More.

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