Happiness in Small Box for Jishu!

Happiness in Small Box for Jishu!

11-year-old Jishu squealed with joy when he saw what was inside the box he had just been given.. He couldn‟t believe that he now have a pair of brand new shoes. “I used to wear an old shoe but the strap got loose and I could not balance and stand properly wearing it. I had to hold my mother‟s hand to walk around and at times, she used to carry me on her back to go school”. Jishu suffers from cerebral palsy – a neurological condition marked by impaired muscle coordination restricting his movements. He lives with his parents in a remote village of West Bengal (Nandigram block, Bankura district).

For his daily journey to school, his mother carried him on her back due to his impairment..Remembering the day he got the new shoes, he says, “I was doing my homework in class when one uncle called me and my friend and handed us this box. I peeped inside and voila! There was a beautiful pair of shiny black shoes!” Now he can balance his body on his own without any one’s support as he walks to school just holding his mother’s hand. For Jishu, happiness came in the form of a shiny new pair of shoes, filling a critical need but also motivating him to continue his education despite many odds.

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