FAQs – Menstruation Dialogue; Missing Voices, Missed Out Issues

  1. What is Goonj’s event Menstruation Dialogue; Menstruation Voices, Missed Out Issues? 

Ans. Every year in May the world celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH DAY), underlining Menstruation as a basic but neglected biological process for a woman.

Menstruation Dialogue; Missing Voices, Missed out Issues is Goonj’s effort to prioritize and bring into spotlight menstrual challenges of a vast majority of humanity still left out- the 1.8 Crore disabled women, more than 5 Crore tribal women, 6.5 Crore migrant women, 20+ lakh sex worker women and many other like them just in India and much bigger numbers globally.. into the larger mapping of Menstrual Hygiene Management narrative.

We want to recognize and honor best practices, taken up by for profit and nonprofit organizations in diverse fields, addressing multifaceted menstrual challenges women face. We hope more people and organizations will be motivated to bring more attention to this human issue..

  1. Why Goonj is recognizing the best practices and work of people around menstruation?

Ans. Goonj was among the first organizations in India, more than a decade ago, to openly talk about menstrual hygiene in the larger discourse and in the development sector. Our initiative Not Just a Piece of Cloth (NJPC) focuses on making menstruation normal as a human issue and evolving solutions for women’s menstrual challenges.

We feel bringing multiple transactional, social, cultural, financial menstrual challenges into the narrative of organizations and people focused deeply on holistic development work, will help in addressing it.

  1. Who all can be a part of it?

Ans. If you or your organization has evolved and implemented some ideas/practices to ease this challenge, we want to hear from you. We are recognizing and highlighting best menstrual practices and ideas to motivate others to do the same and to create a healthy ecosystem with knowledge-based sharing, cross-learning and networking.

  1. How can I share story for best practices? 

Ans. Share the story of best practices here:- 

Online Form:-  ENGLISH   HINDI

Offline Form:- ENGLISH   HINDI

Courier offline form  titled– ‘Menstruation Dialogue  to Goonj, J-93, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-76

  1. What are you looking for?

Ans. We are looking for:-

  • Formal/ informal organizations working globally on diverse issues which also include/impact women
  • Any practices/special initiatives taken by you around 3 A’sof Menstruation (Better Access, Better Awareness, Better Affordability) or around breaking the culture of shame and silence around this issue.
  • Please share qualitative/quantitative information to illustrate your best practice. (pictures, media articles, data, stories)
  • Your practice/ initiative should be ongoing or done within the time frame of last 2 years.
  1. What else to expect from Menstruation Dialogue; Missing Voices, Missed Out Issues?

This One day Dialogue will

  • Panel Discussion on Neglected communities of women and menstrual Issues;
  • Recognition to ‘Best Practices’ easing menstrual challenges.
  • Exhibition highlighting Myths, Realities and Evidences around menstruation. 
  1. How will I get to know if you are recognizing my initiative?

Ans. Team Goonj will send you a confirmation mail and give you a call by May 15th 2019.

  1. What do I have to bring with me if I am selected?

Ans.  You have to prepare a 2-3 mins video on your work and a presentation of your work.. We will share an outline for the same.

  1. Can I connect some organization or individual, who are doing good work around menstruation for recognition?

Yes you can connect us to various organizations/ individuals who are doing effective work on menstruation.. Share their contact details and a brief about their work on this email id – [email protected]

  1. Can I still attend the dialogue if not selected for recognition?

Ans. Yes, you can attend the dialogue.

RSVP here – [email protected]  (with a subject line – For attending Dialogue on menstruation with Goonj)

Important Dates 

Last date to share your story:  7th May, 2019

Confirmation mail to selected organizations – May 15th, 2019

Day of the Dialogue – 21st May, 2019 

Venue & Time:- To be announced