De-silting of the canal network

De-silting of the canal network
  1. To live on a land surrounded by a network of inland canals might seem like a dream to many. But, for the people of Kottuvally village in Ernakulam district of Kerala, it sometimes can turn out to be their biggest nightmare. The accumulation of waste and muck hinders the natural flow of the water in these canals…thus, in the event of high tide, the rising water level often results in overflowing canals and waterlogging. Moreover, as locals are dependent on agriculture, waterlogging of the paddy fields often deprive them of work. With a resolve to tackle this crisis, our team member motivated 21 locals to work under Goonj’s ‘Dignity For Work’ (DFW) initiative towards the de-silting of the canal network. Under DFW, people identify their problems, evolve their own solutions and then implement these solutions with the local resources and know-how. As a result of the activity, the water from the river now flows freely through the canals and no longer enters the homes or fields during high tides and monsoon. Goonj rewarded the efforts of the locals with DFW Kits and other essentials like footwear, umbrellas and face masks.

Storyteller: Manu Sudhi (Team Goonj)

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