Collection Camps

We request you to kindly read through these Guidelines for contributing material.

If you wish to organise the collection drive in your residential area/office/school etc, Please fill this form

You could also contribute at Goonj's Joint Campaigns - through your other favorite brands - please scroll down to know more.

Here are the organized Collection Camp set up in different cities, where you can contribute.

Goonj's Joint Campaigns - Contribute to Goonj through your other favorite brands

Throughout the year, Goonj jointly runs campaigns with various apparel brands and e-commerce platforms, in which they extend a hand in supporting Goonj by channelising material to our offices. Do drop by at your nearest store as per the following location details or visit the websites to send material directly to Goonj.


Amazon’s ‘Gift A Smile’ campaign for Goonj is live now.
If you want to buy & send items to Goonj, all you have to do is visit the donation section on Amazon-app, add items to your cart and make the payment… the items will be sent to Goonj address.
To make things easier, we have also created separate Wishlists for different cities keeping in mind the regional requirements.

To find your city, Click here

Marks & Spencer

In its select stores, Marks & Spencer is accepting clothes (ONLY) which are then delivered to Goonj.
To find your nearest store, Click here


"Take Back Programme" invites all its customers to drop the clothes they no longer use. Stores branded with Zara (one of the popular brand lines from inditex) will also join as a collection centre. To find your nearest store: Click here

Want to organize Collection camp

Here is the perfect guide


Q: How do I organize collection drive in my office/colony/schools.. What kind of support GOONJ will provide to initiate the collection?
First please talk to us about what exactly do you want to do including the basic information, what, where, how, when, why. Once we have the basic information we can guide you on what steps need to be taken before initiating a collection drive. If need be we will also provide you leaflets for local publicity and manpower. Organizing a collection drive may sound like a simple enough thing, but having done it consistently for the last many years, trust us that we know where the usual bottlenecks come up. We want your collection drive to be a big success, it not only helps us, it encourages more people to take up this kind of initiative.

Q: What is the list of material that you take ?
Clothing is one of the three basic needs (out of food, shelter and clothing). It not only symbolizes a person’s dignity but also offers a protection against the elements. While there are more than 100 issues being talked about in the development sector, right from domestic violence to global warming, this basic need doesn’t find a mention anywhere. GOONJ wants to make clothing a matter of concern as an important issue. In addition, we also encourage people to contribute other household items like stationery, toys, utensils. Please refer to Here

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