Chuppi Todo Tuesdays

Chuppi Todo Tuesdays

“Earlier we were eating only onion & chili but now we eat green vegetables!.” shared Jamna Devi from Dahi Mata village in Udaipur. Vegetables have more or less disappeared from the diet of women in villages across India. Working with women on the issue of menstrual hygiene and management in Rajasthan, our teams set out to mobilize and encourage women to build their own kitchen gardens! Women invited to Goonj’s ‘Chuppi Todo Baithak’ awareness session on menstrual hygiene, taboos, discussed and shared about their challenges. With Seeds provided by Goonj, many women immediately started building their gardens. On a visit to their villages sometime later we saw a green kitchen garden sprouting in almost every house.

Kamla, another resident from the area shared- “We would earlier walk 8 km, spending more than an hour, to buy vegetables. Having a nutrition garden at home makes life much easier for us.”

Goonj believes that menstrual health and hygiene is a complex issue which touches on the social, physical, psychological and health of a woman. That’s why a comprehensive approach aimed at building an ecosystem around these issues is needed. To know more about our work log on to http://bit.ly/GoonjNJPC

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