Chuppi Todo Baithak Tuesday

Chuppi Todo Baithak Tuesday

Lakshmi doesn’t touch animals during menstruation because she was told that the animals might die and she could fall sick due to “impure blood”. Subashini, never touches any male, even by mistake during her menstruation days as she was told that her “impurity” will pass on to them. Megala makes sure she doesn’t come in front of her husband or anyone who is traveling out from the house at the time of her periods because she was told seeing a menstruating woman’s face brings bad luck. For those 5 days she doesn’t even sleep in her bedroom. If this is not indignity.. We aren’t sure what is?

These are women from Thiruthani, Chennai, who were speaking up at a ‘Break the Silence meeting’ organized by Goonj at Sri Radhakrishna Matriculation School. 70 women from the area were present at this meet. In the session, these women spoke about purity and pollution as Goonj team showed an awareness video on menstrual health and hygiene.

In FY 2017-18 alone Goonj held over 1400 such meetings in villages across India under our Not Just a Piece of Cloth (NJPC) initiative.

· You too can stand with these women.. sponsor Goonj Dignity Packs to reach these women in far-flung villages of India: https://goonj.org/contribute/

· You can also contribute cotton dupattas, saris, bedsheets, curtains, bed covers or any cotton cloth to make Goonj’s cloth pads. One pack of 10 MY Pads has about 4 meters of cotton cloth.

· For more info refer https://goonj.org/njpc or write to us at [email protected]

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