A lady with Goonj ka Jhola

A lady with Goonj ka Jhola

A lady with Goonj ka Jhola

While walking around in Wayanad district of Kerala, our team came across this lady elegantly carrying a Goonj Ka Jhola! When we curiously asked where did she get it from. She proudly shared that after the Kerala floods she had participated in a road sanitation work in her village and the Jhola was part of the Goonj Family Kit which she had received as a reward for her efforts. “This Jhola has been my companion for over a year now. I carry it everywhere I go for work” she added. Goonj Ka Jhola is not just about saying no to plastic in cities. In villages, it’s more needed, as waste collection, disposal, and sanitation are weaker and risks to the environment due to rampant plastic usage is much more.

To order a Goonj Ka Jhola – https://goonj.org/green-by-goonj/

Amazon – bit.ly/GBGonAmazon

Flipkart – bit.ly/GBGonFlipkart

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