Our Main Initiatives

How Can We Contribute?

  • Talk to 10: Speak to 10 people about the idea.
  • Research and Write.
  • Join our city/field team for a few days.
  • Connect us with wholesalers and retail chains for unsold material/ dead inventory.
  • Connect us with transporters for probono/subsidised services
  • Spread Goonj ki Gullak: For us every penny matters!!
  • Join Team 5000 : A team of 5000 people who commit a regular - monthly/ quarterly/ annual contribution
  • Promote Green by Goonj: A wide range of up-cycled products and a range of Conference/workshop bags and kits.
  • Take up Payroll Giving in your organisation
  • Organise awareness and collection camps.
  • Run the campaign for waste paper especially One Side Used Paper (OSUP)
  • Run special Campaigns for saree, woolens, blankets, cotton cloth, school material and children clothing.

Who we are?

Knowing Goonj

GOONJ is a tool to experiment, to innovate some unconventional ideas that gets space in the development process and get each one to think out of the box.. and take some action!!

Our Reach

GOONJ has built up a network in remote parts of 21 states of India. The network has grown to over 250 partner groups like grassroots organizations, Ashoka Fellows, Indian Army, CBOS, Social Activists, Panchayat etc.


In a time span of 18 years, Goonj.. has grown organically and have created inroads in urban and rural areas both.

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