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Our Main Initiatives

Vastra Samman

We believe that just by re-using our old clothes the problem of clothing for the poor can be solved to a very large extent.

Cloth for work

Cloth is given as a motivation, with dignity, to people working on their own community issues. We turn age old charitable cloth into a resource for much needed development work in Indian villages [Read more..]

Not just a piece of cloth

By providing a small piece of clean cloth to a village woman, to be used as a sanitary napkin, we can prevent a multitude of hygiene problems.[Read more ..]

School to School

Forging long-term strategic relationships between rich urban schools and rural schools [Read more..]

Rahat Floods

In the last few years Goonj.. has annually been initiating ‘RAHAT-FLOODS’ to collect relief material for the lakhs of victims in Assam, Bihar & West Bengal during floods. [more]

Rahat Winters

Before every winter GOONJ actively initiates RAHAT Winters, its winter campaign, as a response to a recurrent but often ignored problem for the underprivileged.

Recycling (A New Approach)

‘GOONJ’s mission is to make clothing a matter of concern. All our products are made from the last strands and shreds of the cloth, paper and other household material we get after sorting out the wearable, usable stuff. This product is made out of torn cloth/jeans, audio tapes etc. people discard in droves. There are no designer minds at work; it’s largely the ingenuity of our own minds.’ [Catalogue] [Conference Catalogue]


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