1. Hold a Goonj Festival of Giving, in your residential area/office/school/college/club. Give your used/unused/ household/office/stock material to us. You can engage with us for short term as well as long term. To organise, Goonj Festival of Giving. register with us https://forms.gle/tjbDNYkaGAUX8WeS8

2. Focus on generating specific and urgently required materials like saree / wedding garments / winter clothing / school materials / cotton materials by registering here https://forms.gle/tjbDNYkaGAUX8WeS8

3. If you are a retail chain / e-commerce platform, join hands with us to create a campaign to encourage material and monetary giving. Previously Shoppers Stop, Marks & Spencer, Raymond & others have collaborated with us to create beautifully woven campaigns. To know more please refer _- (Link) & write to [email protected]

4. Shout out to manufacturers, wholesalers, FMCG and retail chains to contribute deadstock of material or surplus woolens, flex, sarees, katran, etc .Write to j[email protected] for more details.

5. ‘Give us your surplus cotton / semi-cotton linen/ towels / bedsheets / in your hotels and we will convert them into biodegradable sanitary pads. Write to [email protected] for more details.

1. Your little change can bring a big change– Make your own Goonj Kee Gullak by upcycling items in your home. Keep it on your desk, in your kitchen or gift it to your children or parents. Raise funds by filling the gullak! This video shares more.

2. “Your extra is someone else’s need” – Raise funds at the crowd funding page of Goonj. Motivate people in your network to support us!

3. Encourage corporate employees to contribute a portion of their salary and support us in various initiatives. . Sign up by writing to [email protected][email protected]

4. Become a part of ‘Team 5000’ family of people who commit a monthly amount. If you are one of the 5000, do get in touch with us by writing to [email protected]/ [email protected]

5. While your customers happily pay at the counter / website while checking-out, leave them with an emotional parting experience by giving an opportunity to contribute to Goonj. This could also be curated into a nationwide giving at all outlets/ online stores of your brand. For more details write to [email protected]

6. Bring action and fun to your fundraising !! Here are a few ideas that could be taken up during Goonj’s festival of giving, to make it more interactive & vibrant

For more details, write to [email protected]

1. Organise virtual / in-person sessions in corporates, institutions and RWAs to create awareness about the work of Goonj.

2. Organise Chuppi Todo Baithak (Breaking the silence) sessions with your employees, students and residents to normalise menstruation through open dialogues. Register with us at [email protected]

3. Interested to intern with Goonj for Daan Utsav 2023? Send in your updated resume to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Joy of Giving Intern (Your Name)’.

4. Create a space for art during Goonj’s Festival of Giving encourage visitors to participate in a competition on the theme ‘Climate Change’. We will select three winners from each city!

5. Celebrate the elders in your housing society by inviting senior citizens for a round of games like bingo, dumb charades, musical chairs. Involve them in this Festival of Giving!

6. Children in the society could organize a Nukkad Natak / Street Play to create awareness about the Goonj Festival of giving.

7. Organize Door to Door awareness about Goonj’s Festival of Giving.

8. Walk.. Talk.. Walk.. Talk..is Goonj’s Walkathon to create awareness 3-4 days prior to the Festival of Giving.


Giving of ourselves is the most valuable gift we can give. Be it our time, efforts, networks, skills or infrastructure.

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