Payroll with Goonj


  • Using urban material as a tool to address the most basic needs in rural India.
  • Reviving a culture of sustained giving; not just for disasters
  • Focuses on Receiver’s Dignity rather than Donor’s pride.
  • No Charity exchange between two new currencies; urban material and rural wisdom & resources.
  • Nudging rural communities to become equal participants in the development process.
  • Innovating with material as a development tool everyday.
  • Using city’s under-utilised material as a powerful resource for comprehensive rural development.
  • Not bound by any geography nor agendas.. only priority is to reach resource and opportunities starved communities in the remotest parts.
Magsaysay Award 2015 credits Anshu Gupta (Founder, Goonj..) for his creative vision in transforming the culture of giving in India, his enterprising leadership in treating cloth as a sustainable development resource for the poor, and in reminding the world that true giving always respects and preserves human dignity’.


    • Giving a new meaning to the urban surplus, and saving it from the landfills.
    • Contributing to a new parallel currency and development model that is trash based and focuses on the receiver’s dignity and wisdom.
    • Acknowledging and support work on many unaddressed, small yet critical needs of people which can easily be addressed if we pay attention .
    • Emphasizing to each one in your team that making the world is not a charitabkle act.. it’s our duty if we want to live in a better world.
    • Understanding that giving to Goonj is not just about an organization but becoming a part of a movement.
    • Mindful volunteering of time, efforts, skills, connections and material for your employees with Goonj.
    • Connecting with unconventional approaches, out of box ideas, a place to learn, experiment and give back!!!
    Payroll – means a committed contribution from your organization and employees to Goonj.. on a monthly basis till you want.
    Who can sign up? Corporates, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Foundations
    Fill up Payroll Giving Form and share it with us. All monetary contributions to Goonj are exempted u/s 80 G. Individual receipts will be issued to your employees every quarter.”
    Do visit Goonj’s Processing Centre with your employees to get a hands on insight into our world of Urban Waste V/s Rural Resource..
    ** Contributions made as a part of ‘Payroll Giving’ will receive a consolidated half- yearly report /quarterly report from Goonj.