Dear Friends,

To start with, a big thank you for all the love and warmth from all across on the Magsaysay award. Despite my best efforts I have not been able to reach out individually to all those who wished. This certainly has been the most emotional and touching time in the 17 years of journey. Do refer to the link at the end of this note of the acceptance speech ..

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The campaign ‘Odha Do Zindagi’ is back; This is how small things are becoming big.. some where the so called non issues are finally getting recognized . The two pictures you see below are a proof of how a small effort can bring a big change in someone’s life. Clothing is not only about dignity and looking good but for millions, its a means to survive, especially in the cold.



Goonj has started its nationwide campaign ‘Odha do Zindagi’, targeting collection/purchase of over a million pieces of woolens and blankets initially. As we often say, million is a small word in India, the target is bigger. Do join the campaign.. Contribute, create awareness, organise camps. Refer here for more details.

This brings me to an important point.. For an organisation that doesn’t have a fund raising department, the common people have been the biggest strength. With your love and faith the work is growing without any government grant or regular funding.. Though there are many options; from payroll giving to CSR money, for us what matters most is the involvement and contributions of the masses. So here are two simple options-Goonj Ki Gullak  & Team 2000, Click here for details.

NL - Team2000 and Gullak2


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Watch the Magsaysay Award Acceptance Speech here.


Anshu Gupta
Founder Director