हर साल बच्चे डूबते थे, 13 बच्चे डूबे हैं अब तक। हमें कहाँ पता था कि इसका इलाज हमारे ही पास है। अब ये पुल बना लिया तो कुछ भी कर लेंगे।” (Every year kids used to drown in this river. We have lost 13 kids so far. We never knew that the solution is in our hands only.. Now that we have made this bridge, we can do anything..)

Pitambhar Jha
, the elderly person of the village Sukhasan in Bihar had a lot to say. For hundreds of villagers like him, the 240 ft x 6 ft. bamboo bridge became a symbol of confidence and a realization of their own power. It not only connected many villages, made life safer, what made them proud is the fact that the bridge was designed and constructed solely with the local wisdom. Everybody contributed a bamboo and a few days of work. The sturdy bridge was ready in a few days as a powerful symbol of a ‘parallel economy which is Trash based and not Cash based’.

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Goonj’s ‘Cloth for Work’ is about turning the city’s trash into a resource for rural India moving it out of the realm of wastage and charity.

And it is certainly encouraging that the world is understanding the ethos of the work. Recently the prestigious Fast Company listing,  recognized Goonj as one of the most innovative companies in India, the news came as a pleasant surprise since we are a ‘not for profit’. Happy to see that the whole chain of dignifying giving is getting listed as an innovation.. http://www.fastcompany.com/most-innovative-companies/2014/industry/india

Also sharing a sad news. You may have heard the name of Habib in many of our talks. Not many knew about him but for thousands of homeless in Delhi who died of cold and accidents, he picked up their unclaimed dead bodies!! To us at Goonj he symbolized the world of footpaths and migration. Habib died recently..  RIP- The unknown dead body picker (!!) You meant a lot to us..

More below.. to take action..

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* Join School to School’s new campaign:  Now as the school session comes to an end your old school material can still bring some big changes. Be a part of “The Power to Re-use” campaign. You can contribute and organise camps in schools, colleges, offices and neighborhood.


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* Be a part of Goonj’s Team 2000; If what we do makes sense to you.. here is something you can do..We have grown over the years with people’s contributions and we want to keep it that way. Do join Goonj’s Team of 2000 people- commit Rs.1000 a month or Rs.12000 (USD 200) a year. Please refer -../Team_2000_Form.doc to contribute.

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* Our 15 years milestone made a memorable day with friends sharing thoughts, 15 untold stories, intense discussions and reflections. Finale was with a musical evening by the talented Neelesh Misra. A warm thank you to everyone who took out time to share this happy day with us.

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* And here are the updated reports for the people who have not seen these from our last newsletter.

1. 2nd report on Rahat-Floods for Uttarakhand; www.goonj.org/Reports/Uttarakhand_Jan_14.pdf
2. Report on Rahat-Cyclone for Odisha; www.goonj.org/Reports/Odisha_Jan_14.pdf
3. Report on Rahat- Muzzaffarnagar Riots;  www.goonj.org/Reports/Muzaffarnagar_Jan_14.pdf

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