Not Just a Piece of Cloth

Not Just a Piece of Cloth

Not Just a Piece of Cloth

In this pandemic and lockdown as millions of menstruators took recourse to the humble option of cloth…for their dignity in menstruation, we too prioritized this need as a basic in our disaster response and relief material. We also urge the world to look at disasters with a much-needed gender lens, especially prioritizing menstruation as a basic human need. While the onus of taking action is on all of us, it is also incumbent on us to decentralize and co-create the solutions with people at every level of our society… with mothers, teachers, Asha workers, farmers… as the first responders and contributors in our world. Learnings from our on groundwork have strengthened our commitment and resolve to establish menstruation as a human issue in the world.

From our experience on the ground, we strongly believe that an integrated Triple A – Access, Awareness and Affordability approach is the way forward to address menstrual challenges comprehensively.

Lack of menstrual health and hygiene awareness among menstruators leads to other problems in the short, mid and long term. COVID19 has only increased this gap, further deepening the threat to menstruators’ reproductive health and overall well being.

The pandemic put everyone in a lockdown mode but it didn’t impact everyone in the same way. Menstruators have emerged as the worst sufferers. Thousands of menstruators were left with no choices…they could neither afford menstrual products nor any health care or medicines for menstrual pain.

The sudden lockdown meant that menstruators didn’t get a chance to prepare for their menstrual needs. Unavailability of sanitary pads, cloth pads, or even a clean cloth was one of the major issues reported by menstruators. Most faced closed shops and even when they were opened later, they didn’t have enough menstrual products in stock.

Know more about our initiative – njpc.goonj.org

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