MH Day 2023

On May 28, 2023, this Menstrual Hygiene Day, MY Pad ATMs will be inaugurated in five states (Bihar, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan and West Bengal).

Goonj’s MY Pad ATMs make cloth pads accessible in the far-flung villages of our country.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Chuppi Todo Baithak)

‘Chuppi Todo/Break The Silence/’ campaign is about breaking the culture of shame and silence around menstruation in our day-to-day life. To have an open conversation with the women, girls  and others you are concerned about.

  1. Do a Chuppi Todo Baithak (Break the silence meeting) with any 5 or more men and women in your network. These could be your family, friends, or even men and women who help you in your day-to-day life like your domestic help, driver, sabzi wali, press wali, etc. Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbV4Qo4zv7A&list=PLiPGnvF8lT5WoF4AJXDEa7php44TmCLqU

We all have someone in our life.. our mother, daughter, wife, and friend, who every month deals with menstruation with associated challenges of myths and taboos in an environment of silence and shame with a lot of do’s and don’ts and health risks. Even the sanitary pads are given to us in black polythene. To break these taboos we need to think about menstruation beyond women. To break the hesitation and silence around menstruation we all need to open up a conversation under the ‘Chuppi Todo/Break The Silence’ campaign. And to highlight the menstrual challenges women face by sharing their connection with women’s health.

In the villages of India, women suffer a lot more since they don’t even have a basic piece of cloth and awareness about menstrual hygiene.

Goonj in its two decades of the journey with a Triple-A approach to Awareness, Accessibility, and Affordability has worked on menstruation beyond and in-depth work on the related aspects of WASH(Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene).

  • You can organize a Chuppi Todo Baithak (Break the Silence meeting) From 28th May 2023.
  • Share the experience of your Chuppi Todo Baithak/Break The Silence Meeting with the world.

Important Dates-:

  • 28th May – Goonj will launch Chuppi Todo/ Break The Silence Campaign
  • 28th May to th June – Organize Chuppi Todo Baithak.

There is no mandatory registration. To organize CTB, you need to access CTB Toolkit by mentioning very basic details.

CTBs are basic conversations to normalize menstruation. We have shared an open CTB Toolkit, with all the instructions and guidelines on how to do a CTB. Do refer to that..

And join us for a webinar to clear your doubts.

You can conduct the CTB on your own, but at the end of it, do click a group picture with the participants and post it with a statement on what you learned through this meeting  on your social media platform Tag Goonj using hashtags #MHDay28thMay #NJPCbyGoonj to go viral. Tag others to do the same. Or you can Share your experiences in the WhatsApp number (7042399564) along with pictures, or Record the stories/statements/ your experience in holding these conversations in text/video form at [email protected]

Yes off course. You can organize CTB with one or two people also More the people, the more the reach..

We are happy to review the content based on inputs. Write to us about what you don’t understand or agree with and why, at [email protected]. We will review it and let you know further.

Yes.. Sharing a group picture and a statement of your learning from this meeting will be helpful for GoonjYou can share on any social media platform by tagging @goonj and using hashtags #MHDay28thMay #Chuppi Todo Campaign Goonj #NJPCbyGoonj to go viral.. This is to motivate others to take up the campaign, to make menstruation normal and a matter of women’s dignity. If you are not comfortable with putting it on social media.. that is ok.

Some simple things to keep in mind while doing the meeting are, Do NOT  talk about the intimate aspects or religious aspects or preach about life choices. The important thing is to highlight the connection with a woman’s health… Also, do not push people into sharing if they are not comfortable, and do not argue about someone’s belief. The objective of CTB is to open up and normalize conversations around menstruation. It’s NOT A STOP Solution…

Ask them to connect with Goonj through mail at [email protected], or if they ask about a major health related issue, we can advise them to consult with good doctors.

After the conversation and your contribution to Goonj’s menstrual hygiene work, if you wish to do more, visit our nearest Goonj office to learn more about the work and how you can volunteer on this issue.

Goonj has been working on this issue for two decades, with women in the most far-flung villages and among the masses in the cities across India. More about our work in these links www.goonj.org  or  https://goonj.org/njpc/ and FB page; @njpc-a million voices

Latest updates about our work on Goonj Fb page@GOONJ; instagram Id- @goonj. Instagram

Hope you found an answer to your query here… 

If not, feel free to write to [email protected]  or to [email protected] or call 011-41401216 with your query.

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