Often great work is a combination of the heart, the head, and the hands. While the complex theories of change and the detailed development matrix’s often delve into the head and the hands part of working in the development space, it’s our hearts which connect us back to the humanity of why we do, what we do. ‘Junoon’, a Hindi word for Passion, is at the heart of Junoon Awards.. We are looking for organizations who lead with their heart with a consistent zeal and passion. People who show exemplary courage and take risks to stay the course with what they strongly believe in, in the face of tremendous personal and organizational adversity, for the larger good. In summary, Junoon awards are the equivalent of the bravery awards in the world. Just that in development work, bravery emerges in different ways, goes unnoticed many times and deserves to be applauded often. We are instituting this award to recognize the unrelenting passion and resilience of people doing development work against many odds. We want to honor the efforts in the past few years towards the wellbeing of the people of this country. We hope these stories keep inspiring each one of us to never lose our light and passion.. for what we believe in..


This year’s theme for the award would be “Resilience”, shown through the adaptation of innovations during covid to sail through the tough times and bringing and incorporating these changes in the existing model of work and the value system of the organization. Resilience would also be measured by looking at sustenance post covid times. 

First-round results are out now!

Junoon Award ceremony will be held in August 2023!

Eligibility & Qualifiers

  • The organization or initiative must be legally registered as a non-profit or social enterprise (As a section 8 Company, Society or Trust)
  • Timeline taken into consideration while considering the award is Jan 2020- Jun 2022 (Implementation during covid is essential)
  •  Project needs to be functional and operational at the time of application
  •  Same Projects/Efforts/Initiatives cannot be submitted twice by the organization
  • Starred fields in the form are mandatory fields to be filled by the applicant.
  •  Entries with complete form details only will be accepted and taken into consideration.
  • Any misrepresentation or false information regarding the initiative/effort in the entry form will disqualify the applicant.
  • All the candidates will be informed about their application status post the first round, invites will be sent by the awards team for round two.
  • All other essential information such as proof of work and financials will be captured during the second round of the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply directly by filling out this form online

Or, you could download the form, take a print, fill the form and send the filled in form to Goonj’s Headquarters – J93, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi – 110076

 You can apply in either English or Hindi.

 The entry form is intuitively designed in such a way as to capture genuine efforts and intent. This Award does not have any specific category, which goes in hand with our objective of identifying wholesome efforts by organisations of any scale, large or small in any theme from water to livelihood generation to human rights to MHM etc. 

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