Monthly Bulletin for Implementation partners..

Dear partners of Goonj,

As promised here’s our first Sanjha newsletter of 2016. As most of you struggle with a drought like situation with your communities and unfortunate fire incidents in many parts of the country.. Goonj is gearing up to do its best.

1. To deal with drought conditions in parts of at least 6 states (Maharashtra, Odisha, MP, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and UP) Goonj has been working actively for the past 3 months now on a lot of activities on preserving, renovating or cleaning of water bodies under its ‘Cloth for Work’ initiative. So far, we have been able to reach over 200 villages (in 19 drought affected districts) where work on resotring water bodies have been taken up by the rural communities. Now with monsoons around the corner we urge all our partners to initiate activities around capturing and harvesting rain water so thatthe soil absorbs ample water during the monsoons.. Do reach out to Goonj if you need any material support to trigger any action in your area.. Write to us on with details. Here are some glimpses of the work;

Well Digging in Chhatisgarh..

2. 100 Stories of Change; is an important ongoing project to document and highlight how Goonj’s work with partner organizations is impacting peoples’ lives in different ways. This work wouldn’t have been possible without our partners and their belief in our approaches. That’s how the work has spread to far- flung areas of India.

Do refer- to read these stories.. These are a rich source of ideas to learn and replicate. If you have done something interesting with the Goonj material, please do share it with us in detail (on a separate paper) about it along with feedback reports.

3. Earlier this year, Goonj shared a ‘Mutual Agreement between Goonj and its Partners’ document with all our partner organisations. If you still haven’t received this, please let us know. Do read this document very carefully, to understand the changes in our processes and systems. Please send us back the signed copy of this document as an acknowledgment, at the earliest to ensure smooth work in the coming days.

4. From 2016 the process of filling up OPF (Organisation Profile Format) has been digitized. If you haven’t updated your records with us, please do it immediately by filling up the form here- Organisation Profile Format (OPF) . Make sure to send a set of all the listed support documents to Goonj’s Delhi office and to the Goonj regional office you are in touch with.

5. GuideStar India, Giveindia & Credibility Alliance are a few reputed organizations building up an archive of NGOs working in India. They do their due diligence and helps the organisations in providing resources & opportunities. Do read about them online and register yourself with anyone of them, as that will reduce your paperwork with Goonj..

For glimpses of our ongoing water related activities and other updates, please refer; – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

With best

Team Goonj.

Anshu Gupta
Founder Director
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