The Team 5000

A journey of 17 years; to know this nation a bit better, explore its basic needs and non issues, Goonj is creating parallel currencies for people who have little, so that they too can live and not just survive. Our stories are emotional but the hardcore work involves massive logistics. Every year we collect, process and reach out more than 3000 tons of material to initiate more than 2000 development activities with communities in remote villages of 22 states with 12 offices and over 200 full time team.

What is Team 5000;

a team of people who have a strong faith in our work. No privileges attached, no big thank you notes yet a gang of people send us a sum monthly or annually to create a kitty.​. ​ W​ith urgent work in remote areas focusing on so called NON issues not on the radar of traditional funding sources, we want to continue growing with people..To experiment more and go deeper!!

Why Team 5000

The growing scale of our pan India operations calls for a support base which is not geography bound, which stands strongly behind expanding our innovative ideas and experiments and is committed to sustain the pace on which Goonj is growing as an idea.. This is only possible with the power of You; the common citizens of India - the Aam Janta who has always been closely involved with our work. For an organisation that doesn’t have a Fund raising department, doesn't write proposals or have government funding​ and doesn't make monetary appeals but money comes​..​

​Please write to or call Harshie at 011- 26972351 to sign up.