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Here is an urgency.. as we all know unlike many other disasters, drought is a silent killer!! We might have heard a few voices of farmers committing suicides but the impact is much larger and deeper.. The need is certainly not water alone – with failure of crops, non-availability of water, lack of income generation activities, high costs of daily need material, higher interest rates charged by the local mafia, life has certainly become a mess for millions.. The support of basics (as mentioned in the poster) just eases it out!!

We are there.. in parts of Maharashtra, Bundelkhand and other areas, fighting it in our own way; from working on water, helping build infrastructure for capturing water to taking care of some basic needs..

It’s time we, the common citizens act in a big way and treat this as any other disaster like earthquake or floods where millions of us get together to do our bit..

Do build up the campaign, organise collection drives, contribute money and material, take it up in schools, colleges, organizations and residential areas or even share your contacts with bulk suppliers. Some of the urgent needs are- dry ration, tarpaulins, school material, clothes, chappals, umbrellas, utensils and monetary contributions for essential purchases and logistics. (refer the detailed list in the poster). Click here- ../?page_id=22576

Also fires, an annual but unknown disaster is devastating millions of lives in many parts of the country like every summer. It is again something which calls for urgent efforts..

Do write to to take it up..

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Anshu Gupta
Founder Director
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