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The story is known to many and many have joined this journey.. An exciting one for sure.. For us it’s a story of breaking some pre-conceived notions and taking up some non- issues.. As we turn 17, we look back at how something started with 67 personal clothes is taking the shape of a mass movement with large scale participation of people from all walks of life.

We are not in the business of collecting and distributing clothes. For us material is a parallel currency for development.. Our story is not about distributing something, it’s about providing something.. We never knew that a piece of old cloth or a used shoe has the power to clean a part of Dal lake or make huge bridges. This time join us to see some hidden aspects of Goonj.. as we share the 17 myths/notions and practices we have been able to challenge !

Do join us on Feb. 28th to share stories and meet some interesting people from all across !! for sure as a co-traveller, Goonj mey ek din to banta hai !! Refer the invite below for the venue, timings etc. Here’s the invite..


And here is a comprehensive report of our ongoing major relief and rehabilitation work in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.. (Click on the image below and scroll down to see the report..)


Also, here are two important campaigns that we run annually at this time for woolens & school material.. The woolens that you didn’t wear this season and won’t be needing in the next winters will become a good pool for us to reach before next winter sets in.  It is also a good chance for us to re-look at old school material which your kids won’t be using in the new school session.. Write to us on to organise specific collection camps in your localities, societies, colonies, offices, schools and institutions or call on 011-26972351, 41401216/41401216 for details.


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Cold doesn’t kill people.. lack of clothing does!!
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