Dear Friends,

Chennai is inundated with flood water all over and same is true for many other parts of Tamil Nadu. The Chennai Airport is closed, roads are cut off and forces are there for rescue efforts.. Millions have lost their livelihood, belongings and homes. There are over 200 deaths..

It’s time to do our bit.. Here is an urgent appeal.. Do contribute- only as per the list and money for essential purchases and logistics.Goonj updates its facebook page, twitter and website regularly while handling such big disasters, request you to follow the same to avoid sending any unwanted material.

We are committed to relief and rehabilitation in the time to come!!




Every year as we start the campaign to reduce sufferings in winters, we come across some unbearable, shocking statements.. 25 years ago a little girl said, “when I feel cold I hug the dead body and sleep”, and years later, we hear “when the infant feels cold, her mother gives her a spoon of liquor and makes her sleep” Makes us wonder that despite 17 years of work by Goonj and by other organizations why does the status quo remain the same? Why isn’t there enough effort and attention on this annual disaster where suffering is preventable? We strongly believe cold doesn’t kill people, lack of clothing does..




We do want more and more people to join, spread and initiate own initiatives.. Don’t limit yourself to the cities, think of the people in the far flung areas also..

Contribute material or money, organize camps in your offices, markets, institutions or residential areas. We are targeting a million pieces of woolens/blankets/sujnis this winter but million is a very small word in India, so the target is much more!! 

Please ensure all contributions are in a wearable condition. We do not accept low quality “Daan Da Kambal”. To know more about the winter campaign and to participate in, click here – Odha Do Zindagi (ODZ).

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Anshu Gupta
Founder Director
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