What is Odha Do Zindagi (ODZ)?

Odha Do Zindagi (ODZ) is an annual campaign by GOONJ.. to create awareness around the acute need of warm clothing during winters across the country. ODZ is asking the masses to play a meaningful role to bridge the gap between demand and supply of woolens and blankets. Every year in winters millions suffer due to lack of enough clothing. The campaign is about highlighting this avoidable, preventable disaster.

What can we do as a part of ODZ this year?

You can support ODZ by:

  1. Giving wearable woolens and good quality blankets
  2. Opening a collection centre in your city and manage the collection
  3. Spreading awareness about the ODZ campaign in your network
  4. Making monetary contribution for logistics and essential purchases. Details at ../?page_id=22576
  5. More hands are needed for packing and sorting materials.

Can I contribute other materials?

We also urgently need sarees, pants/jeans socks, mufflers, coats, jackets, full sleeves shirts, children’s clothes, quilts, caps etc and shoes for all age groups. Please ensure all contributions are in wearable conditions.

How can I organize a collection drive?

If you wish to set up a collection drive, please write to us at odz@goonj.org. Someone from the team will get back you shortly with more information and communication material on organizing a collection drive.

What are the different kinds of collections?

  • In – House Collection Centres (IHC): : Run by volunteers. Open to larger public irrespective of area..
  • Public- Collection Centres (PCC): : Collection camps within your colony, school/college, office etc.
  • There are two simple guidelines around organizing a camp for Goonj’s ODZ campaign.
  1. Make arrangements to reach the collected material to the nearest Goonj office.
  2. Take permission from the concerned RWA or any authority to organize the collection camp under Goonj’s guidelines.

Opening a Dropping Center: Dehradun, Jaipur, Sonipat, Panipat, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Banaras, Indore, Lucknow, Pune, Shimla, Solan and Delhi. If you are from a city mentioned here please contact us atodz@goonj.org.

Volunteer Certificates:

Since people will be taking up activities all over the country on their own level we will not be able to issue certificates. We hope you will take up ODZ in the spirit of bringing warmth to those in need around us.


Given our limited capacities and the interest of people from all over the country we request people to facilitate the crucial aspect of reaching the collected material to the nearest Goonj office. List of our offices on this link -Goonj's offices

If you have transportation services you would like to contribute, please contact us at odz@goonj.org.

Making a monetary contribution:

Monetary contributions are important part of our work, as over 2000 tons of material is handled annually by Goonj which also involves huge implementation cost i.e. for transportation till far- flung villages, material re-sorting & packing & space. People can contribute online or via cheque, please refer –../page_id=22576

Do you provide Collection boxes?

No we don’t provide collection boxes but you can use big cartons with our details pasted on it on all sides.

Publicity and Media:

Goonj will provide leaflets and posters for you to share.

Working with Media - The usage of Goonj’s Name or Logo on any publicity material or any press release needs approval before it goes public. Do consult us in case you are looking to work with any media.

Will you issue an acknowledgement of material I contribute?

We will issue an acknowledgement for material received at Goonj's offices . If you give material at a collection camp organized by volunteers we will not be able to provide receipts for the same. If you need specific details of your contribution mentioned in the receipt when you bring your material to the Goonj office please share these specifics i.e. how many clothes, how many shirts etc. and we will be happy to acknowledge that.

Can we also join you in the field?

You are most welcome, though our material is sent to far flung villages we request you to check our social media pages for updates on when we send the material to urban slums.

Please note:

Goonj's campaigns can be organised only after getting a confirmation from us. Please write to odz@goonj.org in case of any query. Please keep a watch on our Facebook Page and Twitter Handle to know more about how material contributions are reaching people.