Goonj’s annual winter campaign

Every year in winters millions suffer due to lack of enough clothing. Odha Do Zindagi (ODZ) Goonj’s annual winter campaign is about highlighting this avoidable, preventable disaster. Earlier this year many parts of India were faced with severe drought followed by destructive floods and for millions in far flung areas coming winters will be another disaster adding to their woes.

* Winter is the second major reason for deaths in India reveals government statistics while flood comes at number 3 as major natural disaster. Statistics show that till 2007, 826 people died every year due to harsh winter in India. The death toll started to climb after 2007 due to a cooling trend in the winter temperatures.

* As many as 10,933 Indians (an average of 781 per year) have died over the past 14 years–between 2001 to 2014–due to “cold and exposure”, according to statistics on accidental deaths due to natural causes obtained from Open Government Data (OGD) Platform of Government of India.

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Every year Goonj makes and reaches out winter kits in massive quantities to some of the most neglected populations like homeless people, landless village communities, migrant labourers etc. In cities we reach out to urban communities; individuals, corporats, institutions, schools colleges etc to generate this basic. Each winter kit consists of woollens, blankets, dari, socks and shoes for the family. The demand and need for these kits far outnumbers the supply we are able to generate from the cities even though many of us hold extra unworn woollens in our almirahs not knowing who to give it to.

We urgently need woollens and blankets to reach out in time to communities in far flung villages of Uttarakhand, Bundelkhand, Bihar, Jharkhand and other parts of the country. Your efforts and contribution can help someone survive this winter. Please ensure all contributions are in a wearable condition. We do not accept traditional low quality ‘Daan ka Kambal’.

You can also contribute socks, mufflers, coats, jackets, full sleeves shirts, children’s clothes, quilts, caps etc.

Simple ways to spread the warmth...

1) Open a collection center: Organising an ODZ In-house collection (IHC) camp in your city, colony, office or institution is a simple process. You can also open and manage a Public Collection Centre (PCC) as a central hub in your city where material from IHC’s will also be sent. Interested?

2) To contribute woollens and blankets: visit our Offices/Dropping centres refer-

3) Make a monetary contribution: If you would like to support our work apart from contributing own clothes etc. you can also make monetary contributions to cover the big implementation costs like transportation to far-flung villages, material processing costs and space. To contribute online or via cheque, please refer-

4) Talk to 10: Spread awareness about the campaign, motivate others to contribute.. Just look for 10 of your friends, relatives, colleagues and talk about the concept and action points

5) Connect us: with bulk suppliers of second hand woollens

Short film on Odha Do Zindagi

We want to open Dropping Centers in: Dehradun, Jaipur, Sonipat, Panipat, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Banaras, Indore, Lucknow, Pune, Shimla, Solan and Delhi. If you are from a city mentioned here please contact us at

For your queries and any other details refer FAQ or write to