While the wintry chill has just approached Delhi, many parts of India winters have already begun to face it with all its biting coldness. For years, Goonj has been working towards reducing the deaths and sufferings in winters, primarily due to non availability of proper clothing. We believe deaths in winter are very much a preventable disaster!

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This is your chance to organize volunteer meets, collection camps, contribute material etc in your cities through colonies, offices, institutes or to make individual contributions.

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For more details please write to odz@goonj.org

This year, winter is going to be much worse for many, especially to those millions who are affected by the massive flood in more than 10 states this year. For them, life this winter is going to be yet another big challenge and therefore, need greater support to endure through this tough time.

Goonj makes a comprehensive kit with the essentials like woolens, blankets, mats and other material, given to people not as charity but with dignity. Under our nationwide initiative ‘Cloth for Work’, people first work on local issues like making roads, digging wells to cleanliness and then receive it. You can support this campaign in different ways within your capacity.

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For more details please write to odz@goonj.org. Please keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, www.goonj.org for regular updates.

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