Doing an internship at Goonj..

  If you want to explore something out of the box, if you think differently on many things.If you have a desire to learn and absorb.. This is a space to get a new perspective.


oonj is a family of passionate people who dream, explore & execute new possibilities.. When you intern with Goonj think of it as an entry into a world which is only focused on its goals. If you are doer, learner, calm and excited to do your bit, then this is the place for you.. Commitment, dedication and enthusiasm for the cause is all you need to join in.. For a keen learner, the opportunities to learn and explore are limitless.

If you think the work given to you is mundane, remember that it’s the first step towards understanding the ‘Garden’ that has been built painstakingly over the last 16 years with a lot of struggle, challenges and joy. It is the attention to a wide range of activities like sorting, data entry to research, campaigns where you may get involved as interns. These activities are mean to give you wider exposure to the day to day work of the organization. Some of these activities might seem quite simple but they play an important role in building the patience and passion an intern carries!! The applicants have to go through a selection process to ensure that anyone who interns at Goonj has the inclination and caliber to deliberate on the philosophy and work in close co-ordination with the team.

Goonj offers internship opportunities for youngsters at its Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, ​Chennai, ​Kolkata, and Mumbai​ ​office​..

Selection process

Write to us on with your resume, duration, proposed plan, desired time frame and location for your internship.If internship slots are available in the timeframe you desire you will be given 3 subjective questions to answer. Based on your answers, you will be called for an interview. Depending on your location the interview will be held at our Delhi office or through a skype/telephone call. A confirmation email will be sent to people who are selected in the interview.


No stipend is paid for internship at Goonj.


All our offices are located in areas where one can easily find PG/rooms on rent accommodation easily on reasonable rates.

Working Hours

You will be working in close co-ordination with Team Goonj.. You will be assigned specific tasks based upon your skills and connect with the cause. We work from Monday – Saturday (9.30 am – 5.30 pm) and expect the interns to follow the same timings..

Work from Home

During internship, we would want to give maximum exposure to the interns to our work environment , therefore we do not believe in giving “Work from Home” tasks.


If you are pro-active, multi-lingual and willing to learn, you will get to try your hands on a lot of interesting things here. Rest assured you will get immense exposure during your internship at Goonj. Let us know if you possess any specific skill or you have any specific interest or wish list in which you would like to be involved in. Our priority is to explore your skill and initiative first and then connect you to the work where you can express yourself the best. At the end of the day how much you learn from your stint at Goonj is up to you..

Intern SPEAK

“This internship with Goonj was a soul refresher. It changed the intern’s perspective about the situation of the poor and marginalized sector in our country. It taught her few life skills and made her commitment to do something for the country, stronger.Interviewing is an art and it has a strong connect with one’s communication skills. The crux remains the same, but differs in ‘how’ each interviewee expresses him/her self.The internship introduced the interns to previously unknown ways of handling situations. It taught her how to co-operative while working in teams and that one needn’t be an expert at something to do a good job. Everything can be learnt.But mostly importantly, this internship exposed the intern to the innocent and selfless affection of workers working in Goonj.

- Anushriya Das, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication

While working with Goonj, I never felt as if I am an intern. Instead I was considered as the part of the organization be it in the processing center or the head office. The work environment indeed improved a lot of mine. I learnt how the organization works during a disaster like earthquake and cyclone. It was a very good learning experience for me as the dedication of the employees and workers inspired me to work hard for the relief material packaging. Another thing I liked a lot while working, which in fact gave me a lot of learning were the stories. Lot of NJPC, CFW and Rahat stories I prepared and even translated them into Hindi. It gave me a good idea and knowledge about various activities of Goonj and its positive impact on the society and its people. The experience which I gained here can’t be shared in words because what I have learned can only be implemented through work. I look forward to continue working with Goonj in near future and I hope the opportunity will be provided to me based on my work during the internship period.

- Sourabh Pawar ,Department of Mass Communication and Electronic Media, Pondicherry University.

GOONJ gives me confidence

I joined GOONJ on June 17th. I researched GOONJ a lot before and after applying for the internship. The sanitary napkin initiative is what most impressed me. I was very touched that someone even thought about this – something so basic, that the people who live in cities don’t even think about on a daily basis, but something that is a part of every girl. This internship is one hell of an experience. I feel so strongly about the cause that I would leave my studies to work here. In the processing center, I have found the leader I hoped one day to become. Every day, I find more self-confidence.

- Apoorva Bajaj, Daulat Ram college, University of Delhi