Some simple ways to give back through GOONJ.. !!

It’s often said that we have just one life. You can live your dreams or be a part of someone else’s dream to serve people. If one is free from the many latest trends, one can enjoy true happiness in giving back.. All we need is to be humane and sensitive and to pay attention to the Dignity of the People we want to work for.. The work and the satisfaction from it then becomes its own reward..

Please remember that GOONJ is only a medium to connect you to some hardcore realities of this country.

  • If you connect with what we do..

    * Contribute material lying un-used everywhere with empathy to the basic needs of people. Follow our campaigns; connect with your company, colony, college, clubs etc. to organize regular collection drives.

  • Willing, BUT time is a constraint for you?

    Beyond money and material, the best you can do is to spread the word around and get more people to take some action. Stories on Goonj’s facebook page are a great tool to tell people about our work.

  • Are you an IT expert with commitment?

    * Use your technical skills to show Goonj’s work on the Google map.. Create "Infographics".
    * Streamline varied databases for us.
    * Tinker with old computers/laptops and make them work
    * Create applications that can enhance our work in the cities & remote villages.

  • Good with Coral draw/ Photoshop ?

    If you are an artist at heart and coral draw screen is your canvas, use your mind and art. Make posters, teasers, banners and other communication material for our various campaigns.

  • Are words/vocabulary/expressions your best friend?

    There’s so much that you can write about.. Connect the dots and put together articles, short stories, posts for social media, teasers etc.

  • Is video making your forte?

    A powerful way to tell what we do & how.. If you are good at visualizing, creating short stories and documentaries, then a lot is there for you to work on.

  • Does real learning matter for you?

    Then ‘School to School’ is a great initiative for you to engage with schools, kids, teachers & parents to bridge the growing gap in education. Learn more on - ../?p=22280

  • You think menses as an ignored basic need, needs a voice?

    The big challenge is to break the silence around this issue. Do it yourself and then get everyone else to speak up. Other ways you can be involved in this work, check this out -

  • You like to sketch?

    Hmm.. Ya, a free flowing beautiful strokes of brush/pencil can convey a lot about what we do.. Get your sketches to speak about our impact stories.. Check our facebook especially NJPC where different sketches are supporting the posts.

  • Enjoy making power point presentations?

    Making presentations would give you a very close insight into the work. Send us your first cut at after going through our site and we will connect you based on our needs. .

  • Current Campaigns that you like to take up?

    Check this out – Dry ration, spectacles, Your Sarees is a Diginty for someone

  • Are you eager to fill up some gaps?

    * To nurture young minds, we need plenty of Hindi and other regional language books to set up libraries.
    * A School uniform brings a sense of pride and identity to a child. Run a campaign in your school to collect uniforms no longer in use.
    * A sari is a matter of tradition and dignity for a woman. Activate your network and get ladies to contribute saris they haven’t worn for years.

  • Are you proficient in any regional language/s?

    We are working is in parts of 21 states and therefore there is a lot of content that needs to be translated in different languages.

  • Bitten by the recycling bug ?

    If recycling is what you think of every time you see something redundant, this is the place for you. You could help us design our products better.

  • Book.. Books & Just Books..

    We just want to reach our massive collection to book lovers at reasonable prices. Help us catalogue these books and build more channels to reach these out to people.

    Stay tuned to Goonj through our facebook page-

    We plan to organize informal meets with our volunteers, well- wishers who are keen to explore new ideas, address various gaps through Goonj’s approaches & initiatives.

  • People based out of India can do everything except material collection.

    ** Actively spread awareness about the idea through forums and speaker opportunities.
    ** Connect Goonj with your India network.
    ** Sponsoring our initiatives like School kits for rural children, 60 Dignified Days kits reaching the most basic need of cloth sanitary pads and undergarments to rural women. Details on this link -../?page_id=22576
    ** Share your voice to the ‘NJPC- A Million Voices’ a global campaign to shun the shame and silence around around menses, a natural biological process.

  • Are you looking for Internship at Goonj?

    When you intern with Goonj think of it as an entry into a world which is only focused on its goals.


There is no certificate for volunteers. Volunteering is a beautiful act of doing something selflessly. While we value the time that you are contributing and due importance would be given to the work that you do, certificates are only issued for internship which is minimum for a period of 2 weeks and requires the person to work full time with the team closely.