Organise collection camp

Residential Areas-
  • Finalize the area like no. of societies or pockets/blocks to be covered.
  • Look for the community hall or any covered space in that area or any central location where visibility is high or people visit more frequently.
  • Take the required permission from the concerned person (secretary/President), for any Saturday or Sunday. If there are any specific timings, please note that as well.
  • If there is no shaded place (tree etc.) or community hall is not available, we can arrange a small canopy with a table & two chairs from the nearby tent house. You would still need to take permission from the concerned Resident Association.
  • Involve the RWA of that area in dissemination the information to residents through pamphlets or take the help of the local newspaper vendor for distribution.
  • Inform nearby volunteers in advance who can take care of publicity through putting up posters, banners etc., at market place, near a Mother Dairy, on the notice board of the colony at least a week before. We can also spread the awareness through word of mouth or doing door-to-door campaigning one or two days before the camp.
  • Look for the cable TV network to publicize about the camp at least two/three days before (in most cases they don’t charge for this cause )
  • Also try to involve Ladies Club, Mahila Samities to create awareness about the camp.
  • We must try to distribute the pamphlets 2-3 days in advance so that people can get enough time to take out the material.
  • PLEASE DO NOT INVOLVE – Any political outfit for organising camps. They come on individual basis and donate material as other people are doing. BUT – there should not be any case where these organisations claim – ” we are doing it with GOONJ….”
  • Maintain database of people who donate material. This helps us in providing feedback to them. Be very cautious in writing e-mail ID’s as even a (.) matters.
  • All the communication material is given by GOONJ offices only, in case you want some changes do inform us.

Role of RWA’s/Office bearer of societies/housing complexes – is very crucial. If they support the event and spread the word through word of mouth, personal mails and letters and take care of proper and timely distribution of leaflets, the camp will be a big success. As the fact remains that all houses have a lot to give, what is required is proper publicity about the camp.

PLEASE NOTE – Formal communication and OK from GOONJ.. is required to organise any camp on behalf of GOONJ..

  • For organising a camp in any corporate
  • We fix up a date at least one week in advance keeping in view that people at least get a weekend to take out the stuff from their boxes/almirahs.
  • Apart from conveying it through e-mails at regular intervals we publicise the event through posters and banners if it is permitted.
  • Normally we draft a mailer on behalf of the organisation to give all the employees a clear idea about our activities. So that even after the camp, whenever they think of discarding their old items, they know about the about the nearest GOONJ.. collection point.
  • We also set- up a stall in corporate to showcase our work and to help people get a better perspective of what we do and how. This stall is set- up specifically during lunch hours only, as that’s the time when people are relatively free and can interact with us. And the volunteers solve all the queries from people regarding why, where, who etc.
  • Identify one main contact person in the organisation who will be responsible for GOONJ’s interaction with the organisation and also all the arrangements for the camp like pick up & drop, basic table, chairs, running Goonj’s presentations, videos etc..
  • Once the collection is over, corporates send the material till our processing centres
  • The response has been very good where some people from the organisation took interest themselves and motivated people. Our collection camps at various corporates were very successful because in these companies the management/HR people or corporate communication guys really motivated people to come forward for the cause.

The thrust is on reaching on time..and the effort is to reach every where, even without the calamity.. if there is a need ”