Our Team

Ruchika Gandhi

Born and brought up in Delhi Ruchika started off as a volunteer in GOONJ and has been with the organization for over a decade now. Second youngest among six sisters she made up her mind very early on ‘Why GOONJ’ and why not something else. Many people still wonder that ‘why’. At GOONJ, she is known for her untiring energy and ready to take up any task that comes on her table. She is closely involved in interacting with various stakeholders including corporate, schools, implementation partners and instrumental in the overall management of the organization. She is passionate about traveling in rural parts, meeting people and tries to give her best in whatever she does.

Imran Khan

He also hails from Banaras and started his career as a ‘Data entry operator’ in Delhi. Imran often recalls his first day at GOONJ, it was also Goonj’s annual event Pratibimb’s first day. He easily mingled with the participants, kids, highlighting his strong people skills at GOONJ. Now he is managing GOONJ’s biggest processing team nodal processing centre head quartered at Delhi. His invaluable & meticulous approach is a big value add in the entire material management which consists of sorting, repairing, packing, making of cloth sanitary napkins & other recycled products as well as dispatch of sorted material to different parts of the country. Imran known for his untiring energy, zeal and always wanting to do more attitude. He also travels to remote parts and plays a critical role at the grassroots level, by matching the material closely to the needs of people.

Priyanka Tiwari

She grew up in the pious city of ‘Banaras’(Varanasi) and came to delhi after finishing her Masters in Social work. After interning with some NGOs in Delhi she formally joined GOONJ 6 years ago. While her father was keen on getting her into banking, Priyanka chose a different path. At GOONJ, she took up a hard core administrative & HR person role and interacts with the entire team on various levels and also handles the most critical leg i.e city logistics in Goonj’s operations. Her easy communication skills with the processing team, volunteers, dropping Centers makes her the dearest person people meet.

Roaming Implementation Team 

Sheoji Chaturvedi

GOONJ’s small leaflet brought him here in 2006. In his words, “what people study in MSW is completely different from what you experience when you actually do it. Of course, it gives a much better realization of what it means.” Coming from Buxar (in Bihar) from a middle class family, Sheoji joined GOONJ in 2006, his first job in Delhi. From studying Goonj’s partners files to visiting their field work made him stronger and analytical. With his enterprising spirit and courageous attitude he was given an opportunity to lead one of the biggest ‘relief and rehabilitation operations for GOONJ in Bihar post Kosi floods. Since 2008, he is heading GOONJ’s Bihar operations and has looked after various innovative projects like Vaapsi, Sujni etc. His immense field experience and close connect with the rural communities brings in valuable inputs and results in dynamic implementation of our ongoing initiatives in different remote parts of Bihar.

Iftikar Ahmed

Born in Hooghly district, West Bengal and a political science graduate Iftikar had previous experience in RTI related projects. Fairly new in the field but he somewhere had a strong urge to fight against odds and create opportunities for people that he didn’t see in his childhood. In one of the sessions he heard Anshu’s speech and there he found his calling. In 2009, he joined GOONJ and geared up to manage GOONJ’s relief operations post ‘Alia’, a natural calamity in West Bengal. Since then, he is leading GOONJ’s Kolkata operations and has traveled extensively in remote parts of eastern India. He is proactive in building partnerships with various NGOS, CBOs, social activist etc.

Suresh Kumar

Joined GOONJ in 2007. His past experience with various NGO’s primarily on health segment came in handy when GOONJ’s ‘Not Just a piece of cloth’ initiative, won World Bank’s DM Project. He was closely involved in implementing the project despite the fact that it involved the difficult task of communicating with rural women on highly sensitive and taboo subject of menstrual hygiene. He also gained lot of exposure on other areas, becoming a valuable member of the team. His dedication brought him another big opportunity to build the base in Orissa post floods in 2010. He travels extensively in the tribal remote parts of Orissa to execute GOONJ’s various initiatives. He now speaks Oriya fluently and is instrumental in communicating with rural audience on diverse issues. Suresh has been deeply and personally involved in building a strong network of grassroot organizations in Orissa and is taking up exemplary experiments around ‘Cloth for Work’.