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  • About 65% of women and girls in Kenya can’t afford sanitary pads. Girls loose around 3.5 million learning days every month, due to lack of basic facilities during menses.
  • At least one in five girls in India drop out of schools due to menstruation’– a research by AC Nielsen and Plan India.
  • ‘India accounts for 27% of the world’s cervical cancer deaths, almost twice the global average’- WHO. ‘poor menstrual hygiene is partly to blame.’ -Doctors
  • Almost 50% girls of age 14 to 17 knew nothing about menstruation–  a research in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • The plastic in a pad takes 500 years to degrade. Every year we add the equivalent of 180 billion plastic bags to our waste by using plastic laden feminine hygiene products.
  • Every year, over 45 billion pads are dumped in landfills in USA and Canada only!!
  • Barely 12% of India’s menstruating women use sanitary pads, which itself means 36 million women disposing the pads every month!
  • Over 12 Billion pads and tampons are used once and disposed of annually in USA itself.
  • Around 70% of women in India say their family can’t afford to buy sanitary pads.
  • It is  estimated that a woman throws away approx. 125 to 150 kg of sanitary products in her lifetime, a huge addition to the existing garbage.
  • Cervical cancer kills around 72000 Women in India every year, more than 26% of the deaths worldwide.

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