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GOONJ Mumbai in rubbles- time to rebuild!!

Dear Friends,

Extremely frustrating ! years of taking care of every single unit of material and this is what happens over night.. to GOONJ Mumbai


How many of us know about the floods in Mumbai in the middle of bomb explosion. Even the local authorities don’t call it floods.. it is the destiny of the so called low- lying  areas across the country. I often wonder- what is low line? This great civil mess creates higher and higher structures everyday – from the roads to bridges- in front of my house and then tells me that I am staying in a low line area..

Tonnes of material in our Mumbai (Mira road) center from cloth to furniture, files to computers and cash to vehicle (people who have seen our processing centers know it, how much we get and how much we send) everything has been converted to rubble.. Material- which could have supported millions!!

From a 100 sq.ft room in Andheri to Kurla to Dharavi and then finally in this low line area… Why?? Because it is cheap! Because it is all we can afford!!! Why do genuine efforts have this fate!!

GOONJ has been making an effort for the last 13 years to turn a highly charitable act into a dignified resource under Cloth for Work and making sure that even the wastage of people gives a new meaning to someone’s life..

It’s disheartening to see our efforts and people’s trust floating around all across…5 years of our efforts in Mumbai are converted into this..


It’s time to re-start.. while we have been reaching out to people across the country in all sort of disasters.. this is one disaster back at home !!

Our immediate requirements are-

  1. Space- temporarily for few months to keep the stuff and about 4000 sq ft to run the operations later.
  2. Transportation- to shift material
  3. Volunteers- to sort/ clear the place
  4. Monetary contributions to rebuild the operations- please refer to transfer your contribution

Do volunteer- time, effort, space, transport, financial resources – so that we come back fast!!

Write back to –

Call 011- 41401216  or Krishna (8767434353) / Arvind (8767434352)

with best



Anshu Gupta (Ashoka Fellow)

Founder Director


-Please do not give material to our centers for the time being till the time we arrange for new space and vehicle!!

-For updates on our activities, please refer-

-To join team 2000 –

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