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The New York Times - What is striking is the culture of the enterprise. Those who give and those who receive are equal. From the people who give the clothes, to those who sort and pack them, to the people who receive them, the whole chain is full of respectful links. Not many supply chains are full of respect.” Refer-

The Mint Nov’12- The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, awards Anshu Gupta,the Social Entrepreneur of the Year–The-power-of-cloth.html

The 31st Oct’09 - It’s a clearish day in New Delhi, and this freshly pleasant maze of operations, room by room, tells the story of Goonj, which is a story that began with 67 pieces of clothing and Gupta’s go-big mission, no less, to clothe the poor–wells-cloth-by-cloth-used-goods-go-to-needy-homes
- People think they are doing the poor a favour by giving them “donations’ in the form of clothing. In fact, it is they who are doing us a favour by extending the life of our “discarded” clothing. We all need to give away, but we need to add a lot of dignity in the entire process. So when you give your old clothing, make sure it’s in a wearable condition. We need to appreciate that someone is receiving that and give importance to that.

Lesson from India: Clothing the Poor
Conditional giving and an efficient distribution system are improving rural communities… view&id=4053&Itemid=88889053

World Bank grants hope
One of the programs of World Bank is called Development Marketplace, a competition that awards grants of up to $200,000 to fund creative, small-scale development projects. Goonj was one out of the 22 projects that received grants…. DEVMARKETPLACE/0,,contentMDK:21422797~pagePK:180691~piPK:246778 ~theSitePK:205098,00.html

The Intrepid Foundation comes forward to help Goonj
The Intrepid Foundation is an international foundation, which has joined hands to support Goonj in its initiative….

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